Youth Cathecism Class

Catechism Class is the way for youth to continue their Christian education after Sunday School. Martin Luther, the man who began the Reformation in Germany in the 16th century, wrote the catechism so that all Christians might have a short and simple summary of the main truths that the Bible teaches. This catechism has served the Lutheran church well for nearly 500 years and continues to be the basis for teaching Bible truths to both young and old. Catechism class is taught by our pastor. After two years of catechism instruction, the students are confirmed and become communicant members of our congregation, which means that they are then able to receive communion.
Dates: The Catechism year runs from the week of Labor Day to the last full week of April.
Time: Thursday evenings from 7pm – 8pm.
Place: Salem’s Family Ministry Center, just across the street from church on Strieter Rd.
Ages: 7th and 8th grade.

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